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HCPSS Introduces New School & Bus Locator

Posted: August 16th, 2017

HCPSS is excited to have launched a new online school & bus locator that features an efficient, mobile friendly and informative format.

The new locator offers an enhanced map, pop-up messaging, same day updating capability, and additional school information such as bell times and phone number. The platform is cloud-based, making the locator more reliable during heavy use periods.

Users can locate their school assignments and bus stops by entering their street number and name in the search field, similar to years past. The results will be shown on a map, with a blue pin drop graphic representing the user’s house, a plus sign indicating the bus stop, and an alphabetical listing of assigned schools, elementary through high. Hovering over the plus sign in the left menu, or clicking the plus sign in the map will provide estimated bus stop times.

For stops that list an address range, such as 12397-12620 Hall Shop Road, the plus sign indicating a stop is only a point within the range. Drivers will stop at each location within the range where students are present. This includes individual driveways and cross streets within the range.

Clicking on the black school icon in the map will show its name, address and phone. Please note: the school icon’s Arrive/Depart information indicates the school’s start and dismissal times.

As we transition to our new school and bus locator, we also are offering the information (to include full bus routes) in PDF format, as we have in previous years. Please note that the PDF may not provide the most up-to-date information as schedules and routes are updated as needed. To ensure you are viewing the most recent locator information, please double check against the online locator.