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Amy Fuller, Kindergarten Teacher, Centennial Lane Elementary School

Posted: May 10th, 2017

“Amy Fuller has the perfect combination of structure and planning infused with her passion and excitement for her students to gain concepts. From students struggling to excelling, she can meet all their needs,” said Centennial Lane Elementary School Principal Amanda Wadsworth. Fuller, a second year teacher, has already established herself as a natural leader in teaching kindergarten, ensuring all her students find learning fun. “As structured and as intelligent as Amy is, her interactions with the students have always been enthusiastic, funny and creative,” Wadsworth said.

Fuller’s 19 kindergartners engage in a wide variety of daily activities, including Daily 5 literacy tasks, math, social studies, science, and centers like art, blocks and games. Her class incorporates a wide range of students, including those with special needs and ESOL learners, so she partners with paraeducators and an ESOL teacher, and often works in small groups to provide differentiated instruction.

“I believe in making my students independent and responsible for their routines,” Fuller said. “Choice and differentiation are also important. If my students aren’t engaged, they’re not going to reach their full potential.” For increased engagement, Fuller, a former children’s choir director, infuses singing into her lessons.

Identified by the HCPSS Office of Early Childhood Programs for her “excellence in teaching, pedagogy and professionalism,” Fuller is one of a handful of early education teachers piloting the Early Childhood Demonstration Teacher Initiative. In this program, Fuller models instructional practices, such as questioning and communication with students, for first year teachers, administrators, and math and reading support teachers. With a top Strength of “restorative,” Fuller likes to improve the status quo and has enjoyed participating in this initiative to reflect on her own teaching while helping others.

Fuller first discovered her love of teaching on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic 10 years ago. There she taught kids in her village and realized the fulfillment that comes when students embrace learning. After earning her bachelor’s in early childhood education, she spent a year creating an accelerated guided reading program for four-year olds at the Goddard School. She’s been with HCPSS ever since, first at West Friendship Elementary School before joining Centennial Lane.

“I love to see when my kindergartners have that ‘aha’ moment, when they take what they’ve learned and use it independently,” Fuller said.