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Howard County Regional History Day Winners Move on to State Level Competition

Posted: April 4th, 2017

The Howard County Public School System recently hosted its 13th annual History Day Competition at Reservoir High School. After months of researching, over 300 students in Grades 6–12 presented on topics that relate to this year’s National History Day theme of “Taking A Stand in History.”

Students presented entries in five categories: exhibit, performance, multimedia documentary, research paper and website. This year’s event included 205 project entries presented by 304 students from 20 middle schools and 5 high schools.

Over 85 teachers and staff, Board of Education members, college interns, business partners, and community members volunteered to judge student entries. The top two entries in each category from the Howard County regional contest advance to the state contest on April 29, 2017, at University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

Thomas Viaduct Middle School student Jalen Geason won the junior category of the African American Experience Award, sponsored by the Council of Elders of the Black Community of Howard County, for “The Black Arts Movement: Taking a Stand to Change the Black Image,” while Howard High School student Samuel Seliger won the senior category for “Strange Fruit: Taking a Stand Through Song.”

Ellicott Mills Middle School student Emmeline Murphy won the Local History Award sponsored by HCPSS for “Taylor Manor: Taking a Stand for Mental Health.”

“A Splash of Color in a Black and White World” by Lime Kiln Middle School students Madeleine Barrett, Teodora Consoli and Caitlin Toler won the LGBT Experience Award sponsored by PFLAG of Howard County.

In the Senior Individual Exhibits category, Minhee Kim from Marriotts Ridge High School won first place for “King Sejong: The Creation of the Korean Alphabet.” Stephanie Oh, also from Marriotts Ridge, took second place with “King Sejong: The Light that Led Korea.”

Reservoir High School students Allison Alston and Caslin Sisk won first place in the Senior Group Exhibits category with “The Stand It Took to Stand on the Moon.” In second place was River Hill High School students Naomi Farkas and Megan Liu for “Jacob August Riis: Taking a Stand Through the Lens.”

“Beyond the Shadow of Agent Orange: Veterans Stand for Justice,” by Howard High School student Jake Blum, won first place in the Senior Individual Documentaries category, with second place going to “The Berlin Airlift: Taking a Stand for a City Surrounded” by Molly Bingham of Marriotts Ridge High School.

In the Senior Group Documentaries category, first place went to “The Unsung Hero of Desegregation” by Yewande Akinbinu, Esther Ayoade and Angelina Taliaferro from Reservoir High School. “1968 Black Power Salute: The Pinnacle of the Black Power Movement” by Nicholas Helmick, Camden Macek and Ryan Saunderson of Reservoir High School won second place.

Marriotts Ridge High School’s Alex Kim took first place in the Senior Individual Performances category with “Admiral Yi Sun Shin and the Turtle Boats: The Defense of Korea Against the Japanese Invasions of 1592 and 1598.”

The Senior Group Performances category was won by Hannah Chan, Phoebe Chan and Joseph Heitzmann of River Hill High School with their “Prudence Over Profit: How Dr. Frances Kelsey’s Opposition to Pharmaceutical Interests Averted a National Tragedy.”

“The Women Airforce Service Pilots: Taking a Stand Against Discrimination and Sexism in WWII and Beyond,” by Riordan Correll-Brown of River Hill High School, won the Senior Papers category. “A Moment in the Human Conscience: Emile Zola Taking a Stand Against the French Military Powers in the Dreyfus Affair of 1894–1906,” by Marriotts Ridge High School’s Erin Yu, took second.

In the Senior Individual Websites category, Marriotts Ridge High School student Michelle Liu won first place with “A Force Against Slavery: William Wilberforce’s Stand Against the British Slave Trade.” In second was Long Reach High School’s Ciera Hudson with “Taking a Stand: Henry Bergh and the Fight Against Animal Cruelty.”

Sugitha Elango and Zoe Kempf from Howard High School took first place in the Senior Group Websites category with “Willowbrook: Taking a Stand for Institutionalized People.” Second place went to “The Man Who Used Peace to Stand for Equality and Justice,” by Yashvi Shah and Carla Wilson of Reservoir High School.

First place in the Junior Individual Exhibits category went to “The Anthracite Coal Strike: A Miners’ Revolt,” by Mayfield Woods Middle School’s Pranavaa Elangovan. Sierra Burns from Bonnie Branch Middle School took second with “Nicolaus Copernicus’ Sun-Centered Stand.”

The winner of first place in the Junior Group Exhibits category was “Blyline: How Nellie Bly Brought Reform One Feat at a Time,” by Lily Lei, Kianna Pan and Mansi Patel from Lime Kiln Middle School. Second place was won by “Her Fight: Ida B. Wells’ Impact on Racial Equality,” by Dana Barker and Susan Kim of Mayfield Woods Middle School.

“Coach Lincoln Phillips: Taking a Stand Against the NCAA,” by Jason Taylor of Ellicott Mills Middle School, won first place in the Junior Individual Documentaries category. “The Tulsa Race Riots’ Effect on Civil Rights” by Lesleigh Hilliard from Clarksville Middle School won second.

Lime Kiln Middle School students Nicole Bachman, Sonia Goyal and Sydney Shin’s “Justin Whitlock Dart, Jr.: The Father of the ADA” took first place in the Junior Group Documentaries category. Ashlynn Braisted and Leena Rai, also of Lime Kiln Middle School, took second place with “Samuel Joseph May: An Unsung Hero in Abolitionism, Women’s Rights, and Education Reform.”

In the Junior Individual Performances category, students from Mayfield Woods Middle School took first and second place. Leslie Deiss won first with “Elizabeth Cady Stanton: Hero for Women, Destroyer of Social Injustice.” Second place went to “Gandhi: A New India” by Varshini Suresh.

Ella Boodin and Julia Littlefield from Burleigh Manor Middle School won the Junior Group Performances category with “Candy Lightner: Taking a Stand Against Drunk Driving.” Patuxent Valley Middle School’s Olivia Davis and Caleb Haber took second with “Sophie Scholl and the White Rose.”

“From Oppression to Freedom: Poland, Communism, and Lech Walesa” by Bonnie Branch Middle School’s Elizabeth Banyas won the Junior Papers category, with “Taylor Manor: Taking a Stand for Mental Health,” by Emmeline Murphy from Ellicott Mills Middle School, winning second place.

Students from Patuxent Valley Middle School won first and second place in the Junior Individual Websites category. “The March for a Difference: Cesar Chavez” by Emily Paz took first and “Sophie Scholl and the White Rose” by Krista Henrie won second.

In the Junior Group Websites category, first place went to Naomi Chao and Virginia Wang from Burleigh Manor Middle School and their “Aung San Suu Kyi: One Voice for All Burmese.” Second place went to “The Danish Resistance” by Robert Finegar and Alexander Nguyen of Wilde Lake Middle School.

Gregory Mushro of Ellicott Mills Middle School was named the 2017 Howard County History Day Teacher of the Year.