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Board Of Education’s Requested Budget Reduced in County Proposal

Posted: April 19th, 2017

County Executive Allan Kittleman’s FY 2018 Operating Budget proposal includes $572.2 million for the Howard County Public School System (HCPSS), $10 million more than last year but $53.9 million less than requested by the Board of Education. The Board’s request included $22.3 million for salary increases already approved for HCPSS teachers and staff.

“The school system will provide the best educational program possible given the funding provided,” said HCPSS Superintendent Renee A. Foose.

The proposed county funding is $2.3 million above Maintenance of Effort (MOE), which is based on enrollment in the prior school year. HCPSS has been the fastest growing school system in Maryland for several years, and expects more than 1,000 additional students during the 2017-2018 school year. The Board’s budget request included $8.4 million for the increase in educational staff and instructional supplies needed to support new students.

The school system anticipates needing to make cuts of $32.4 million in funding for employee health insurance, pensions and other fixed charges; $8.9 million for operations and building maintenance; $7.8 million for textbooks and other instructional supplies; $1.7 million for pupil transportation, and $3.1 million in other support.

HCPSS also expects to defer essential maintenance, reduce funding for health insurance payments and other required charges, postpone purchases of new textbooks and instructional supplies, and shelve important initiatives for improving the instructional program. In addition, these cuts will require staffing and supply reductions in custodial, grounds, office and other areas that directly impact the quality of the learning environment.

“The school system understands the budgetary pressures affecting the county government and hopes to collaborate with county leaders to support our most important budget priorities,” Foose said.

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