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Impact of Additions and Reductions – Board FY 2018 Budget Request

Posted: March 8th, 2017

The Howard County Board of Education has approved its Operating Budget Request for the 2017–2018 school year (Fiscal Year 2018) totaling $872.4 million. The amount requested represents a net increase of $3.5 million over the Superintendent’s budget request and $64.0 million over the amount funded for the FY 2017 school year.

The Board added $4.17 million to the Superintendent’s budget proposal to fund 93.5 new staff positions, including 52 paraeducators, 20 media paraeducators, 15 school media secretaries. Other new positions include a diversity coordinator, three reading and behavior specialists, and an attorney and budget analyst to support the Board.

To offset the cost of the additions, the Board reduced the Superintendent’s budget proposal by $662,000, which includes the elimination of funding to support all 76 school websites, live video streaming of commencement ceremonies and other events, and the Gallup student and staff strength initiatives;  and reductions in school system legal fees and human resources services and supplies.

A detailed list of the budget additions and cuts, opportunities for community feedback, and next steps in the budget approval process are provided here.