Substitute Teaching and Other Temporary Positions

Thank you for your interest in the HCPSS. We are currently accepting applications for:

* Priority processing will be extended to those applicants who are K-12 certified teachers or hold a bachelor’s degree in education. Other applicants will be considered on an as-needed basis. Please include your certification information in your application.

Frequently asked questions about becoming a Substitute Teacher.

Pay Rates


  • $75/day – Non-degreed (Minimum of 60 credits)
  • $85/day – Degreed (Bachelors or higher)
  • $103/day – Retired Teacher (Must provide verification)

Extended – Begins on the sixth consecutive day for the same teacher in the same assignment.

  • $88/day – Non-degreed (Day 6 – 15)
  • $96/day – Degreed (Day 6 – 15)
  • $103/day – Retired Teacher (Day 6 – 15)

Note: An absence during the extended day assignment will result in the pay rate returning to the daily rate of pay.

Long-term – Begins on the 16th consecutive day for the same teacher in the same assignment.

  • $103/day – Non-degreed (Day 16 and beyond)
  • $113/day – Degreed (Day 16 and beyond)
  • $113/day – Retired Teacher (Day 16 and beyond)

Please Note: Any unexcused or unapproved absences can result in the long-term rate reverting to the daily rate of pay.

Additional Information

Smart Find Express

SmartFindExpress – Current substitutes may access job opportunities and receive assignment confirmations through eSchool Solutions SmartFindExpress. Once an employee has been hired and processed into the HCPSS, they are registered for a SmartFindExpress account. SmartFindExpress jobs may be viewed online and assignment confirmations received via email and telephone.

Substitute Teacher Handbook(PDF)