Coaching Vacancies


The following paid coaching opportunities are available and considered temporary services. Interested candidates should contact the school’s Athletics and Activities Manager for more information.

Winter 2014-2015

Atholton High School

Elizabeth DeFrances, 410-313-7080

No Vacancies

Centennial High School

Jean Vanderpool, 410-313-2865

JV Cheerleading

Varsity Cheerleading

Glenelg High School

Daniel Sageman, 410-313-5539

JV Cheerleading

JV Girls’ Basketball

Hammond High School

Michael Lerner, 410-313-7605

No Vacancies

Howard High School

Michael Duffy, 410-313-2874

No Vacancies

Long Reach High School

Joe Thomas, 410-313-7414

Girls’ Indoor Track

Marriotts Ridge High School

Gene Brown, 410-313-5421

JV Cheerleading

JV Wrestling

Mt. Hebron High School

Jeannie Prevosto, 410-313-2885

JV Cheerleading

Varsity Cheerleading

Oakland Mills High School

Troy Stevenson, 410-313-6953

No Vacancies

Reservoir High School

Ken Klock, 410-888-8853

JV Cheerleading

River Hill High School

Rick Lloyd, 410-313-7114

No Vacancies

Wilde Lake High School

Brian Rau, 410-313-6973

JV Cheerleading