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Title I Frequently Asked Questions


What is Title I?

Title I is a federally funded program designed to ensure that all children have an opportunity to access a high quality education. The goal of this federal program is to close the achievement gap for all students. There are two types of Title I programs: Targeted Assistance School programs and Schoolwide Title I programs. Schools are identified and authorized to implement one of these programs based on the percentage of students receiving free and reduced-price meals (FARMs).

The Targeted Assistance School program allows Title I teachers to provide services to a select group of children. Title I funds may only be used to provide services to children who are identified as having the greatest need for educational assistance.

The Schoolwide program allows all students to be eligible for additional academic support. Federal funds are used to support and enhance the overall school program. Title I funds may be used to upgrade the entire school’s educational program so that the overall education of ALL children who attend the school can be improved. Currently, all Title I schools in Howard County operate as Schoolwide programs.

What are the Title I Schoolwide program schools in Howard County?

What will the Title I Schoolwide program provide for my child?

Title I programs at each Schoolwide program school will vary, depending on the needs of the school. Every child may benefit from the added services and programs that a Schoolwide Title I plan can offer. A Schoolwide program helps a school do more for all of its students.

How can I as a parent be involved in my child’s success?

  • Attend family programs sponsored by Title I.
  • Join school committees such as the School Improvement Team, Action Team, and Family Involvement Team.
  • Work with schools to determine how parental funds for Title I are spent.
  • Offer suggestions to schools and teachers for improvement and professional learning.
  • Share responsibilities with teachers for your child’s success.

What is Title I Family Involvement?

Title I schools receive funding to provide family and community programs, including:

  • Family Math or Reading Night
  • Homework Support
  • Book Clubs
  • Information Nights about PARCC
  • Read With Me Programs
  • Title I and Academic Intervention Summer School