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Middle School Program of Studies

"We are preparing students for their future, not our past."

-Daniel Pink

This generation of students will live and work in an increasingly interdependent, global society. To do so successfully, they will need to be culturally competent, be critical, creative thinkers, and skilled problem solvers. That is why the Howard County Public School System has restructured the Middle School Program of Studies.

The new model provides a more customized educational experience, expands opportunities for the study of world languages and devotes more time for the study of Mathematics, English/Language Arts, Science and Social Studies. Reading will be an integral component of content area classes in order to give students experience in reading, analyzing and writing about discipline-based text. The middle school curriculum will align with the new Maryland Common Core State Curriculum to ensure that all students receive more concentrated instruction in core disciplines.

Goal for Each Student

Our goal is for each HCPSS student to graduate college and career ready, with the knowledge and skills that are fundamental for success in a competitive world economy. In the Middle School Program of Studies students benefit from:

  • Seven 50-minutes class periods.
  • Reading instruction in all courses that prepares them to understand technical content in all subject areas and respond to high-level questions about what they have read (disciplinary literacy).
  • Structured interventions and support if they are performing below grade-level in reading and mathematics.
  • 90 days of physical education per school year.

Parent Resources for Middle School Parents