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High School Programs

Each high school has one G/T resource teacher and designated G/T content area teachers who coordinate the following program services.

G/T And Advanced Placement (AP) Courses

Every high school offers G/T and AP courses in English, science, mathematics, social studies, computer science, foreign language, art, and research. Included in the high school course selections are AP courses. Students who score well on an AP examination at the end of the course may be granted AP status or college credit upon entering a college or university. Students enroll in G/T and AP courses based on course prerequisites. A detailed description of specific G/T and AP courses and prerequisites can be found in High School Program of Studies. The Guidance Department at each school can also assist in registration for these courses.

G/T And AP Courses

Programs Course Names
Advanced Research G/T Independent Research; G/T Intern/Mentor Program; Math, Science and Technology Research
Art Art II G/T, Art III AP G/T, Art IV AP G/T, Art History AP G/T, Photography II AP G/T, Photography III AP G/T
Business and Computer Management Systems Advanced Object-Oriented Design G/T, Computer Science II G/T, Computer Science III AP G/T, Computer Science IV G/T
Technology Education Computer Integrated Manufacturing G/T, Digital Electronics G/T, Engineering Design and Development G/T
English English 9 G/T, English 10 G/T, English 11 AP G/T, English 12 AP G/T, Humanities I G/T, Humanities II G/T, Humanities II AP G/T, Humanities IV AP G/T
Mathematics Geometry G/T, Algebra II G/T, Calculus G/T, Calculus AB AP G/T, Calculus C/Multivariate Calculus AP G/T, Differential Equations G/T, Statistics AP G/T, Precalculus G/T
Music Band-Wind Ensemble/Marching G/T, Chamber Choir G/T, Music Theory II AP G/T, String Orchestra G/T
Science Earth and Space Science G/T, Biology G/T, Biology AP G/T, Chemistry G/T, Chemistry AP G/T, Environmental Science AP G/T, Physics G/T, Physics C: Mechanics AP G/T, Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism AP G/T
Social Studies United States History G/T, United States History AP G/T, World History AP G/T, Comparative Government and Politics AP G/T, European History AP G/T, Government and Politics AP G/T, Human Geography AP G/T, Humanities I G/T, Humanities II G/T, Humanities II AP G/T, Humanities IV AP G/T, Microeconomics/Macroeconomics AP G/T, Psychology AP G/T
World Languages French V AP G/T, German IV AP G/T, Latin IV AP G/T, Spanish V AP G/T (Language), Spanish V AP G/T (Literature)

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High School G/T Resource Teachers

View the contact list for all high school G/T Resource Teachers.


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