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Elementary Telehealth FAQ

What is school-based telehealth?

school-based telehealth is an innovative and established model to complement and expand existing school health services to meet the needs of children through the use of technology, i.e. interactive audio, video, or other telecommunications or electronic technology that connects the child in the school to a health care provider in another location.

What is the goal of the school-based telehealth Program?

The program’s goal is to keep kids healthy in school and ready and available to learn.

Who is eligible to access services in the school-based telehealth program?

Students enrolled in the following five Title 1 elementary schools (Bryant Woods, Phelps Luck, Running Brook, Stevens Forest and Talbott Springs) are eligible to enroll in the school-based telehealth program.

What services will be provided by the school-based telehealth program?

The program will only provide acute care services such as checking for ear infections and sore throats. If needed the doctor examining the child will write an electronic prescription that can be sent electronically to the family’s pharmacy.

How do children enroll in the school-based telehealth program?

Parents will need to complete an enrollment packet.

Is there a cost for the school-based telehealth Program services?

Medical Assistance and Private Insurance will be billed. No child is refused treatment due to inability to pay. Parent will not be billed if insurance does not pay. Children without health insurance will be charged based on a sliding fee scale based on family’s income.

When will health services be available in the school-based telehealth program?

Medical Services will be provided during the school day with the exception of school closures.

Who will be providing the school-based telehealth Program?

Howard County Health Department (HCHD) in partnership with Howard County Public School System (HCPSS) and Howard County Government (HCG). Howard County Health Department will be providing medical oversight for the project. HCHD will contract with vendor to provide medical services for pilot school-based telehealth program. The vendor will work in conjunction with school health services or HCHD staff, i.e., nurse and allied health personnel.

How will the school-based telehealth program be monitored?

Monitoring of the telehealth system will be done in accordance with Maryland State guidelines/regulations and standards of practice for telehealth. Protocols will be developed to provide guidance on the implementation of the project and to assure compliance with State medical regulations regarding but not limited to HIPAA, FERPA, and medical practice. In addition training protocols will be developed for the staff involved in the program. Confidentiality of medical records will be maintained according to electronic health records standards and regulations.

Who owns the school-based telehealth program medical records?

Medical records will be maintained by the Howard County Health Department.