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Elementary Departmentalization FAQ

How will departmentalization affect my child’s learning?

Students learn more effectively when teachers can focus on providing excellent instruction in selected content areas.

From the teachers’ perspective, instructional time is better utilized by concentrating on fewer disciplines.

Grade-level instructional teams will be formed to coordinate teaching efforts across each discipline. Students benefit because they are exposed to the instructional wisdom of more than one teacher.

Students will be able to apply the skills and knowledge learned in language arts and mathematics into real world problems they are exposed to through science, social studies, and health.

What will be the process for communicating with my child’s teachers?

As is currently our practice, parents are always encouraged to address any questions or concerns with their child’s teachers. In the case of departmentalization, concerns about language arts and social studies will be directed to one teacher; concerns about science, mathematics, and health will be directed to a different teacher. Conferences will rotate in terms of content (the Fall conference will be with the first instructional block teacher and the Winter conference will be with the second instructional block teacher) but parents are always welcome to ask for conferences at anytime throughout the school year.

The content area that your child has first in the day with be considered the homeroom for purposes of record-keeping and general communications.

Both teachers will communicate regularly with each other so to monitor the progress of each individual child in all content areas. This plan gives parents security in knowing that their child’s teachers know their student well and are able to provide strategies to assist their child at home. Both teachers will be responsible for grading their respective content areas.

Describe how content is integrated.

There will be two, two hour blocks in each school day. The English Language Arts block will be integrated with Social Studies. Students can practice and apply reading strategies with social studies text and share their knowledge through narrative and opinion writing.

The Mathematics/Science/Health block will allow students to develop the practices of mathematics and science while demonstrating their knowledge through informational writing.