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Referral Process

School Problem Solving Teams

School problem solving teams including elementary and middle school Instructional Intervention Teams (IITs) and high school Student Support Teams (SSTs) are responsible for referring students for alternative education services. These teams initiate academic and behavioral interventions prior to referring a student for alternative education services and support. If these initial intervention attempts, designed for implementation within the student’s assigned classroom, are not successful, the problem solving team may decide to request intervention from the school-based alternative education program (AEP).

Central Admissions Committee (CAC)

The CAC reviews referrals for students to move into and out of the Gateway programs (Tier Two) and the Passages program (Tier Three). Staff members from the student’s home school complete referral documents, and a meeting is scheduled to review a request for initiation or termination of services at the Homewood Center.

The CAC reviews referrals from middle and high schools within the HCPSS, and also reviews the needs of students returning from court-ordered placements and other placements that have removed the student from the public school system for an extended period of time.

The Reinstatement and Enrollment Committee (REC)

The REC reviews and makes placement decisions regarding students 18 years of age and older who have dropped out of school and subsequently request re-enrollment. The REC also reviews the needs of older students who have had an extended break in their education for reasons beyond their control. This includes foreign-born students who have recently arrived in the United States and are residing in Howard County