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Evening School Program

The Howard County Evening School Program offers alternative education programming to students from 5 to 8 p.m. on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights.

There are two components to the current program:

Original Credit and Credit Recovery Classes

A limited number of original credit and credit recovery classes are available to junior or senior students who are trying to graduate from high school in a timely manner. This includes students who have dropped out and then returned to school, those with a history of academic difficulties who have fallen behind their age mates, and those who are having difficulty adapting to a comprehensive school environment.

Additionally, Evening School is a place where students who want to graduate early can get ahead in their credit counts. Students who want to take more advanced coursework during the school day can also create space in their schedule by taking up to two courses in the evening.

Original credit classes meet for the whole school year. Credit Recovery classes meet for a semester and are available to students who have already taken, but failed a course.

Contact your school counselor or Judy Young, the teacher-in-charge for this program to find out the schedule and what courses are currently being offered.

Classes for Students Serving Extended Suspensions

Some students serving extended suspensions may be assigned to the Evening School program to receive academic and behavioral support services while they are suspended or removed from school for disciplinary reasons. These students take four core academic classes with work provided by the teachers from their assigned school, so that at the end of the suspension period, students may return to school without having fallen behind their classmates. All students under 16 years of age are assigned to this program during an extended suspension. Older students may be assigned based on individual circumstances.